Wednesday, 28 February 2018

Summer Wishlist

As I'm sat on the floor in my fluffiest pyjamas in front of the radiator, watching my twelfth episode of Friends of the day, it only seems natural that I'm dreaming of summer and the feeling of sunshine on my skin. I have a couple of holidays booked for Easter and I can't emphasise enough how much I'm hoping the snowy weather we're currently experiencing is nothing but a distant memory by then.

I'm doing my best to get into the right mindset by wearing dresses with knee high boots whenever its over zero degrees, but in the meantime, browsing ASOS and Boohoo for summer items has to suffice. 

I've put together five lists of clothes + accessories I've been using as inspiration for my summer wardrobe; dresses, tops, shoes, sunglasses and bags.


Wrap dresses are Everywhere. Floral, plain, spotty, bright, monochrome, there are so many variations of this gorgeous and super flattering style!


Tie front tops are just the cutest paired with jeans, shorts, skirts or trousers; they're incredibly flexible and are perfect for summer. 

As someone who prefers closed-toe to open-toe shoes, I annually struggle to find the perfect pair. The espadrilles and pointed shoes are my favourites, and knee high boots are amazing with any outfit, particularly in the event of a true ~British summer~ (aka. minus the sunshine).

Even though I practically cannot see a thing without my glasses (no, I hate contact lenses), I fully intend to pick up ~multiple~ pairs of statement sunglasses, with the heart shaped lenses being top of my list. 

I'm having a real love affair with bags at the moment and can't resist picking them up at every opportunity. Cross-body bags are just the best. (Disclaimer: Primark have an incredible range of bags lately, and for approximately a tenth of the price of the French Connection circle bag).
While I highly doubt my budget will stretch to everything on my list (and this is about 1/20th of the overall collection), I'll be waiting for every student discount offer and ASOS rewards voucher I can get my hands on. Happy Summer Shopping and stay warm x