Wednesday, 9 May 2018

Money, Budgeting, and GiffGaff Gameplan

Money. The bane and blessing of life. As much as we often like to deny it, claiming that we don’t need money to be happy, it certainly seems to make the world go round. The obstacle that stands between days out, nights out, the new dress you ~must~ have and every summer festival and holiday calling your name. It’s no secret that learning to manage your money when you start Adulting at University can be more than tricky, and I’m sure the majority of us have prioritised the wrong things to spend it on a few too many times. I personally like to think I’m fairly ~savvy~ when it comes to budgeting, keeping track of my incomings and outgoings on teeny post-its pinned to the board above my desk. But, I’m also all too aware of my increasing online shopping habit, so when an email popped into my inbox inviting me to a ‘games night’ event hosted by Giff Gaff with the intent to advise how to be ~more savvy~ with money, I was very excited.

Giff Gaff are, in the simplest of terms, a mobile phone network providing sims to their ‘members’ (they avoid the use of the word ~clients~ to create the sense of a more mutual relationship between company and customer). They’re currently exploring ways in which they can expand their services into further areas of life that they feel we as a community need more guidance in; hence the development of Giff Gaff Gameplan. They are in the process of designing an app which will be connected to your bank, helping to turn complicated insights into clear and simple data which you can use to be more in control of your spends, rather than relying solely on your bank to provide you with (often all too complicated) statements and financial updates. Another feature already accessible is their free credit report, available here, which you can access whenever you need, giving you a better guide to your ~financial fitness~. For more information or to become part of the Founders Club, head over here.

The event was hosted at Cuckoo in Leeds in a room designed like a fairground, and included pizza, sweets, and a board game in which you were able to spend your money on different events in your life, opting to make larger investments into ISAs, cars and houses when you wished, all the while making sure you don’t go bankrupt before payday. After landing on the £200 ‘you bought clothes’ space 5 times in a row (unfortunately more representative of myself than I care to admit), it definitely prompted me to consider ways in which I could be more responsible with my money and savings.

Whether it was a result of the pink glittery walls or the large quantity of Prosecco consumed, I was instantly super excited to become more in control of my money, and I am very much looking forward to the eventual launch of Giff Gaff Gameplan’s app to help me to do it.

On a decidedly ~less cool~ side note, I wanted to publicly announce how bloody proud I am of myself for attending my first blogger event all by myself, not ~really~ knowing what to expect, and not even once passing out from fear. I kicked anxiety in the arse last week and would like to thank Giff Gaff for the opportunity to do so. Yay me.

*Thankyou also to Giff Gaff Gameplan for the fabulous photos*