Friday, 8 June 2018


I sat down to plan some blog posts I wanted to get started with and couldn't decide which I wanted to tackle first. I reached for my phone to procrastinate away my decision and opened instagram, which made me realise exactly what I'm most passionate about at the minute; the app itself. I'm in the process of working super hard to produce new and exciting content, and I'm feeling ~incredibly~ inspired right now by all of the amazing shots I scroll through every day. So, without further ado, I decided I have to share my current favourite accounts, (in no particular order), and thank them in the process for making me so damn excited to produce my own content for this wonderful industry.


I think Jess was the first ~blogger~ instagram account I followed and I fell in love with her content IMMEDIATELY. Her travel shots from Venice were literally To Die For (So Much Colour), and not only does she have a killer Insta/Blog, she has the Loveliest Youtube channel which I watch religiously. Her 'What's New On The Highstreet' Hauls are Perfect for anyone obsessed with shopping (hello yes that is me), and her down to earth, bubbly personality shines through every form of her social media. 11/10 Must Follow. 


From this teeny tiny thumbnail I'm certain you can see how bloody DREAMY Scarlett's Insta feed is. Her shots and editing are nothing short of magical, and so often splashed with pink, which makes my heart Very Happy. Another Youtuber/Blogger I'm completely obsessed with, Scarlett is so open and honest about lots of topics, which makes her content super relatable and enjoyable to engage with. 


~In The Frow~ is run by the beautiful Victoria, whose Instagram feed is out of this World. A fashion and travel lover's DREAM, Victoria visits some of the most incredible locations and produces stunning shots which capture the unique atmosphere of each destination. Alongside her blog, she also has a Youtube channel with over half a million followers (so bloody deserving) which has both designer and high street hauls, catering to a huge audience and showcasing her gorgeous fashion picks. Did I use enough different adjectives there?


Sophie Milner is so Bloody Gorgeous, I do a little *gasp* at every one of her Insta posts. I feel as though she channels all levels of Sass and Cool which I aspire to achieve, producing gorgeous content around the streets of London. As well as her blog, she also has a podcast with Millie Cotton, 'Keeping it Candid', which I have thoroughly enjoyed as my ~train commute listening~ since I discovered it a couple of months ago. They tackle relevant issues and topics in a wonderful way, and I just think they're really pretty great. 


I stumbled across Rosie's Insta and fell in love very soon after seeing her beautiful outfits + super cute smiley shots. Her blog focusses around high street clothing and you'll have to trust me when I say she finds the most GORGEOUS pieces (the topshop blouse on the top row is my personal fave). Love!!!


SO I know I said I didn't have a favourite favourite but I'm Utterly Obsessed with Lauren's Insta feed so I might have to vote her top of my current ~Loving Right Now~ List. It's the most summer-vibes, smiley-happy, pop-of-colour thing ever and I definitely wait for her posts each day because UGH just look at the pretty bursts of yellow. I also love her chatty blog posts which discuss fashion, lifestyle, beauty and travel. A tick in every single box. 


A couple of years ago (HOW is it this long?!) I had the absolute pleasure of meeting my long-term twitter pal Charlotte in person and I can confirm she is even more wonderful than her fabulous Insta feed. I adore Char's Bold colours and amazingly styled outfits AND she has a youtube channel with lots of lovely chatty videos covering a range of topics. (I take my starring role in her 'Internet Pal' vlog ~very~ seriously).


Lauren's Instagram has All of the sassy/cool vibes and she continuously pulls off incredible outfits (and the Best sunglasses) which I could only dream of styling successfully. She basically looks amazing in everything ever. I also love Lauren's honest and open writing style on her blog where she discusses topics from fashion to blogging tips. 11/10 must follow. 


I came across Misha's Instagram and youtube through her recent trip away with Scarlett and Oh My God I'm a little bit in awe. Literally THE most vibrant content Ever, and the bubbliest personality to match, I Love Misha. I also only just found out she's 19 which made my opinion even higher because Ultimate Girl Boss at the same age as me, I am so inspired !!!


I completely Adore India's Insta for so many reasons; she has the most contagious smile that brings little bursts of happiness onto my feed, and I find my fashion style similar to hers so I LOVE all of her finds and the most beautiful colour schemes (which definitely inspired my planned trip to Brighton this weekend). I also really like the use of triplets of posts as it makes for a gorgeously cohesive profile. You can also find her wonderful blog here


Ellie's Insta is absolutely Gorgeous and she is one of the loveliest people to match !! With pretty summery dresses and beautiful floral scenes, I fell in love with Ellie's feed as soon as I came across it. She also has a super relatable blog in which she often tackles lots of elements of the blogging world in a realistic and conversational light. I also can appreciate the effort she goes to in finding aesthetic spots in Derby (my home !!) to shoot because that is ~No Easy Feat~.


Last but Definitely Not Least is the stunning Insta ran by Holly. Another set of looks which I consider similar to my own style, I am obsessed with her absolutely gorgeous summery content at the minute and she's sooo bloody pretty AND lovely. Also the lacy/frilly white blouse from the top row is the most beautiful top I've ever seen, and I feel as though it needed a mention of its own.

I hope you're feeling as inspired as I am after writing this post by all of these wonderful ladies, some of the most talented and fashion-savvy accounts I feel Instagram has to offer. Thankyou for the content you all provide daily !! You're killing it xxx