Saturday, 7 July 2018


A few weeks back after an email conversation with the very lovely Social Media Manager of beauty/skincare company ‘Yes To’, I received a few products from their coconut range with the promise of taking them on my trip to Barcelona to try out and share. I had very high hopes for the Coconut Oil Stick, Cleansing Wipes and Paper Face Mask, and they were better than I could have ever DREAMED.

Yes To are a company who create with the notion of ~natural~ at the heart of each product, both prioritising positive impacts on skin and the environment, which gets an enormous thumbs up from me. Cruelty free, 100% vegan and at least 95% natural using recyclable materials, I fully intend to swap in more of their products instead of other drugstore alternatives, particularly their face wipes which are made of 100% cellulose to reduce the consumption of plastic, unlike so many other wetwipes.

SO why are these products ideal for your next trip away, as well as day to day usage? The cleansing wipes are ridiculously refreshing and hydrating, perfect for freshening up after a day in the sunshine when your skin is feeling somewhat less than 100%. They’re a great product for throwing in your beach bag and carrying around for a quick moisturising when you need it the most. 96% natural, paraben free and leaping bunny certified, there’s not a single box they don’t tick. And obviously they smell ~AMAZING~ in coconut.

The coconut oil stick has to be my favourite Yes To product, and to be honest is probably the best overall skincare product I’ve ever tried. It reminds me of a giant gluestick-type-device which you can use anywhere on your body and face to leave yourself silkier smooth than I previously thought humanly possible. It’s lightweight and melts into your skin upon application to moisturise and hydrate immediately, another perfect after-sunshine remedy.

I was unsure how I’d feel about the paper face mask as I have a super sensitive face and often struggle to find face masks which don’t end up with me coming out in a spotty/rashy hybrid situation. However, the Yes To ‘Ultra Hydrating’ mask left actual sunbeams glowing out of my super-soft skin after use, and didn’t irritate my face in any way at all. An 11/10.

If you’re looking for a new beauty/skincare range to try out, Yes To is an absolute MUST in every way. It allows you to make a positive move towards reducing your impact on the environment, avoiding non cruelty-free brands, and all whilst loving your skin in the most kind and caring way. If coconut isn’t your fave, they also have charcoal, cucumber, cotton, grapefruit, miracle oil, tomato, carrot and blueberry ranges. AND, if you’re still not sold, they’re stocked on ASOS so you can get your A-List points and student discount too. YES PLS  x