Tuesday, 28 August 2018


We may only be eight months in, but it's been the craziest of years. Echoing my earlier posts where I talked about my experiences with anxiety and University and the things I've conquered so far in 2018, I've never felt more like ~me~ than I do right now. My Instagram and Blog growth are definitely two of my proudest achievements from the past few months as I continue to push myself waaaay beyond my usual comfort zones, even down to the smallest victories like having my photo taken in public. 

I've even felt my sense of fashion developing enormously. This time last year, I stuck to pastel shades and simple dresses, desperate to avoid any sense of being ~out of the ordinary~ and paranoid that I'd be laughed at for how I dressed. It wasn't until editing these photos, shot at Birmingham Botanical Gardens, that I realised how far I've come since then. There's nothing I love more than expressing myself through bright, colourful and lively outfits, and I'm genuinely not at all concerned by any negative opinions anymore. I was kindly sent these items* from Femme Luxe Finery ~https://femmeluxefinery.co.uk~ and I had so much fun styling them in such a gorgeous location.

I'm completely and utterly OBSESSED with animal print at the minute. I literally never dreamed I would wear leopard/snake print, yet here I am finding myself wanting to bathe in it daily. This gorgeous tie front top is super flattering and looks amazing with anything high-waisted, making it perfect for the transitional season. 

This dress is quite possibly the Epitome of ~out of my comfort zone~. White and a little bit see through, tightly fitted and entirely clingy, it is far from my usual wardrobe picks and I was honestly panicking about how the photos would turn out. In hindsight, I realise I was over-anxious (lol what's new). Just because I'm not Teeny Tiny like the photos on the website of other girls styling this dress, it actually looks good on me Too. I'm curvy and I've gone up a dress size since the start of summer (Food is the Best thing in my life), but there's days where I'm FAR too hard on myself. Trying very hard to practice more self love. This body is my home.

Finally is this STUNNING jumpsuit in the most amazingly eclectic combination of clashing colours and bold print. A thousand leagues away from my pastel dreams of last December, it's loud, flattering, and dying to be seen (from anyone within a 10 mile radius), and it looks Bloody Fantastic. 

I guess the message within this post is to be gentler and kinder to yourself. Push yourself out of your comfort zone (and into the brightest clothes that make your soul shine) every now and again. Practice self love always and comparison never. 

Look down at your body
there is no home like you

thank you - Rupi Kaur

*These items were gifted and this post is therefore in collaboration with Femme Luxe Finery, however all opinions and views are entirely my own.