Tuesday, 16 October 2018


HELLO MY LOVELIEST LOVELIES, I AM BACK !!! I am so ~massively~ sorry that I've been a tad absent over here on my blog over the last couple of months or so, I've been adjusting back into university life and general Adulting (which involves bills, cooking, going to the gym and endless deadlines. And it's only week 3). HOWEVER I am ready to put aside some time again for writing and I am very excited about it. It's been three months since my last Highstreet Faves post which means we're well and truly into Autumn fashion: there's check everywhere, chunky trainers have made way for chunky boots and there are approximately 736 floofy coats that I've convinced myself I simply ~need~ for my wardrobe. I've only actually included two stores in this post which ~could~ be considered as lazy but in fact it's because ASOS and Topshop are absolutely Killing It this season (what's new?) and I had soooo many pieces after browsing the New In sections that I simply didn't need to venture further. SO, without further ado, here's my first October Highstreet Faves compilation. Grab a cuppa, a blanket, and settle in for a shop.


Huge, oversized, chunky, cuddly and cosy. Plenty of adjectives entirely suited to how I love my jumpers. I love pairing an oversized jumper with a mini skirt whilst there are still a couple of bare-leg days left in the year, alternatively just pop a pair of tights into the mix for the cool and cruel mornings heading our way.


I'm not exaggerating when I say that in the past few months, my coat collection has approximately octupled (definitely had to google 'multiplied by eight term') and I am LOVING it. Floofy coats are everywhere, offering cuddles in return for tearing yourself away from your bed in the morning. I can thoroughly recommend the investment into a Floof and changing your life for the better.


Because you can take the girl out of summer but you can't take the summer out of the girl. I wear dresses shamelessly ALL year round, favouring them over jeans and risking the pneumonia for the cute snaps. Also, autumnal colour palette dresses are possibly even better than summer ones, so get browsing.


I've seen ~so~ many variations of this 'kissing faces' tee and there's a reason it's so damn popular. Also loving this Paris skyline tee because who doesn't love French themed clothing? (I still haven't been to Paris and I'm still Very Bitter about it).


This 'skirts' section may only include one item but it's cute enough to make up for the lack of company. Rust coloured autumn clothes are about as original as 'groundbreaking' florals in spring but I'm not complaining. Also loving the little tie belt.


A few months ago Primark reduced THAT pair of white boots to £3 and virtually every Instagrammer under the sun seemed to have a pair, and I can confirm they were my favourite purchase of the end of season sale. They also lasted 5 minutes before getting scuffed into oblivion and I've spent every day since looking for the perfect replacement pair, so here's a selection of my current fave styles.


Whilst browsing the deepest corners of the ASOS web, I stumbled across these bad boys, and simply HAD to give them a special mention. Just look at them. Unicorns are so last season. It's Narwhal time.