Sunday, 17 March 2019


Do I start EVERY post apologising for not writing in months? Probably. Am I going to do it again anyway? Obviously. Honestly life is BUSY and I always find myself putting off writing blog posts at the thought of sitting down for hours to write thousands of words, but I'm determined to get back into it; posts don't need to be lengthy and wordy to be worthy so expect more short and sweet updates from me! Now ~that's~ out the way, I'm currently sitting watching All Star Musicals on TV with some brownies cooking in the oven, at the end of a productive day studying and feeling very Content with life, so I've finally taken it upon myself to share some new skincare products I've been trialling out recently.

As a *disclaimer*, I was very kindly sent these products by Dermalogica with no obligation to post, but I simply HAD to share them with you because they really are even better than I anticipated (and my expectations were High). Since the start of the year, for whatever glorious reason, my skin decided it didn't want to be the flawless, spot-free, glowy skin it had been for the last 20 years. I was feeling Less than myself with a dull and difficult complexion that no amount of highlighter seemed to be able to rectify, so when Dermalogica reached out I was over the moon and very hopeful.


I cannot quire believe how SOFT this cleanser makes your skin feel. I'm talking Oh-My-God-My-Face-Is-Velvet soft. With the addition of water to create a foamy lather, I like to use this cleanser in the shower in between shampooing and conditioning. The gel contains Balm Mint and Lavender extract and 'gently rinses away toxins and debris'. 


I've been using the smoothing cream in the morning, in the evening, and honestly if I'm just sat at my desk and wanting to feel GLOWY I whack an extra layer on. It's super refreshing and has 'Active HydraMesh Technology' which gives your skin up to 48 hours of hydration, perfect for the Winter months especially. This is definitely my favourite moisturiser I've ever used and I LOVE the fresh scent. 

3) SPF

To be honest, until recently I'd always thought of SPF as something you apply when you're on the beach in Spain. HOWEVER, I'd always hear Youtubers (they know what they're talking about don't they?) talking about how they add SPF into their every day makeup routine and to be honest it makes sense; we're exposed to UV everyday and if you can add a defence layer onto your skin, why wouldn't you?


NOW this exfoliating powder has been the perfect antidote to my uneven, dull skin, and after only a few uses I can see ~SUCH~ a difference. I use this in the shower too, adding a few drops of water to the powder and massaging it onto my face to remove any surface debris. I also have ~super~ sensitive skin that has the habit of glowing red if I use any remotely abrasive products, so it's worth noting that there's definitely some magical ingredient in this which soothes whilst simultaneously exfoliating, as I don't have any problems with this product!


As I've definitely mentioned before, I want to reduce my disposable makeup wipe use down to a minimum, and this oil based cleanser makes an incredible substitute. It quite literally ~melts~ away any dirt/makeup/Unpleasant-Stuff that's sitting on your skin, and leaves you feeling thoroughly cleansed and silky smooth. I use this morning and evening too. 
These products might be on the Pricier side, but is there anything better to invest in than your own skin? I ~truly~ mean that they're absolutely worth it and being vegetarian/vegan/paraben-free/cruelty-free, they're gentle on your skin and the environment AND the bunnies. I promise you won't regret it.