Monday, 13 May 2019


A couple of weeks ago I was lucky enough to be invited along to a Burrito-filled evening at Bar Burrito that came as a Very welcome revision break + also realised my newfound adoration for Mexican cuisine. Alongside the other lovely ladies present, I also got to meet Yasmin which was wonderful after following her for so long.

We were able to try out every single ingredient on the menu (minus the meat over here, obvs) and I literally could not BELIEVE how delicious some of them were (guac I'm looking at you). All of Bar Burrito's ingredients are freshly made in the restaurant and you can ~definitely~ tell. We were then taught how to roll the perfect burrito (unsure I can give you much advice because mine was labelled ~floppy~) and then made our own perfect creations to eat. I hadn't eaten here before as I naively thought there wouldn't be a huge choice for veggies/vegans but I couldn't have been more wrong, as you can probably see from the photo depicting my bulging burrito. The pickled cabbage was a personal favourite for me, and if you're not already sold, the fact that it's red/pink cabbage means that they called it 'pinkled' cabbage. Adorable.

For dessert we got to try the churros (my all time favourite sweet) and they were RIDICULOUSLY tasty. I'm literally slavering looking at the photo as I write this. Considering abandoning the library for a quick lunch trip.

Veggies, meat eaters and students alike, you absolutely have to pay a visit to your local Bar Burrito ASAP to see what I'm raving about. On Thursdays they also do a student offer that lets you buy a burrito and beer for £5, so you'll know where to find me from now on. ALSO there's 20% off for students during the rest of the week. Are you sold? You should be x